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Tiwi Islands Regional Council

The Tiwi Islands Shire Council was created under legislation by the Northern Territory Government in July 2008 to administer the two Tiwi islands, Bathurst and Melville, and the communities of Wurrumiyanga, Wurankuwu, Milikapiti (Snake Bay) and Pirlangimpi (Garden Point), as well as several smaller outstations. In 2014, the Tiwi Islands Regional Council was enabled under legislation passed by the Northern Territory Government. The current Mayor is Pirrawayingu and the Chief Executive Officer is Gina McPharlin.

The Tiwi Islands Regional Council’s mission is to:

  • Represent the Tiwi community by:
    • being an advocate to other levels of Government, and
    • facilitating activity in partnership with others.
  • Deliver services that meet the Tiwi community’s needs.
  • Provide leadership to the Tiwi community.
  • Comply with all obligations prescribed by legislation.


Representatives on the Regional Council are elected from four wards, and include the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 10 councillors. The wards are:

  • Milikapiti Ward
  • Nguiu Ward
  • Pirlangimpi Ward
  • Wurankuwu Ward